Dear Church Family,


As you look through our directory, you will see a diverse group of individuals who all strive to live with a common desire. From the beginning of the church in Acts chapter 2, God has desired His church to be a family, the body of Christ. That desire of God’s has become our desire as well, as we are determined to live for Him by being His body that our community and our world see. He has called each of us to be dedicated to living out His purpose for our lives as individuals, which in turn fulfills His purpose for His church as a whole.


Based on Matthew 22:37-39 (The Great Commandment) and Matthew 28:19-20 (The Great Commission), we see five purposes of the Christian life and the church: Worship, Ministry, Evangelism, Fellowship and Discipleship. Through His Word, God has given us an example of what we are to be actively doing. My desire is that each of you serve Christ with your whole life. This directory has been designed with much love and prayer with the desire that we continue to grow as a family. We need each other in order to live our Christian life. As you use this directory, get to know the names and faces of your church family and continue daily prayer for each other.


Here Serving Him!
Preston Broadhurst, Senior Pastor