Preston Broadhurst

Senior Pastor



It is with excitement and joy that I welcome you to the Kimmels Church website. We are a warm and diverse group of individuals who all strive to live with a common desire. From the beginning of the church in Acts chapter 2, God has desired His church to be a family, the body of Christ. God’s desire has become our desire as well, as we are determined to Celebrate Christ and Continue His Work.   

Elder Board

Preston Broadhurst, Chairman
Nick Weikel
Jack Wetzel

Deacon Board

Rick Wanamaker, Chairman
Jim Dunn
Jim Mattern
Keith Rodgers

Worship Team

Jim Engel – Director
Veronica Barnes – Vocal
Karen Bensinger – Vocal
Wayne Bensinger – Greeter
Ned Biege – Greeter
Josh Bishop – Drums
John Fisher – Drums
Mary Gottfried – Vocal
John Heisler – Vocal
Ron Hill – Greeter
Jim Mattern – Guitar
Keith Rodgers – Vocal
Marsha Rodgers – Vocal

Rebecca Rodgers - Vocal

Taylor Rodgers - Vocal

Anthony Smith - Greeter
Joan Stout – Vocal
JR Van Luvanee – Greeter
Rick Wanamaker – Drums

Nick Weikel - Greeter
Bill Werkheiser – Greeter
Jack Wetzel – Vocal / Greeter

Technical Support

Myles Broadhurst - Computer Technician

John Fisher – Sound Technician
Glen Marino – Videographer
Jackie Mattern – Computer Technician
Rebecca Rodgers – Computer Technician
Abby Van Luvanee – Computer Technician
Bill Werkheiser – Videographer

Adult Ministry Teachers

Preston Broadhurst – Small Group Studies

Joan Stout – Women’s Ministry Studies
Jack Wetzel – Adult Ministry Studies

Children’s Ministry Teachers & Helpers

Susi Belsak - Children's Church Teacher

Lindsay Giammaresi – Children’s Church Teacher
Mary Gottfried – Children’s Church Teacher
Allison McArdle – Children’s Church Teacher

Trixie Ruch - Children's Church Teacher
Kristy Touchinsky – Children’s Church Teacher
Barb Wetzel – Children’s Church Teacher

Anne & Kevin Foose - Scripture Program

Judith Boggs - Children's Church Helper

Myles Broadhurst - Chidren's Church Helper

Veronica Barnes - Nursery Attendant

Angela Becker - Nursery Attendant

Lindell Berg – Nursery Attendant
Talia Broadhurst – Nursery Attendant

Jill Hartranft - Nursery Attendant

Tracey Hoppes - Nursery Attendant

Amelia McArdle - Nursery Attendant

Maddy Naradko - Nursery Attendant
Joann Oakes – Nursery Attendant

Karen Richard - Nursery Attendant
Cindi Rice – Nursery Attendant
Kyle Rice – Nursery Attendant
Kendra Rice – Nursery Attendant

Melanie Seigfried - Nursery Attendant

Betsy Stickler - Nursery Attendant

Stacey Tonitis - Nursery Attendant
Aaliyah Weikel – Nursery Attendant
Kerri Weikel – Nursery Attendant
Scarlette Weikel – Nursery Attendant

Nicole Williams - Nursery Attendant