We value worship to God that is expressed through our music, words, prayers, thoughts, and actions every moment of every day both personally and corporately. This means, worship is not just reserved for Sunday mornings. We are committed to teaching and living according to the Word of God for it is our absolute authority in all areas.


We believe the Word of God is always true and never changes despite the ever changing culture around us. When the church, who are God's people, lives by God's Word, we become the light of the world that He uses to open the eyes of the blind and illuminate the darkness. Our desire is for God to be glorified in and through our lives. 

Sunday Worship Service – 10:00 am

Kimmels Church is offering an in-person as well as live-streamed service at 10:00 am on Sunday morning. Adult and youth baptisms are held during our Sunday Worship Service hour. We believe that the New Testament baptism by immersion “in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit” is a symbol of our faith in the crucified, buried and risen Lord, and of our death to sin and resurrection to a new life. The nursery is also open for children up to 4 years of age. 


Children’s Church – 10:20 am

Our Children’s Church program takes place every Sunday using our Gospel Project curriculum. The Gospel Project is an ongoing look at the Bible and helps kids dive deep into the big story of the Bible … God’s plan to rescue His people through His Son, Jesus Christ. Children's Church is offered for kids K through 5th grade. Kids join their families for the beginning of the Sunday Worship Service, and are then dismissed to their classroom just prior to the beginning of the sermon message.


Crusade Bible Memory Verse Program

Begins September 24th

We invite you to join our Crusade Bible Memory Program. When we memorize God's Word we keep it in our hearts. It not only helps us become more established in the knowledge of His Word but it helps us maintain a closer fellowship with Jesus as our personal Lord. Memorizing is a skill which can be learned by anyone who has a desire to do it and is willing to practice it. Because we are all different in our abilities, we are offering three levels of memorizing ... Page, Squire or Knight! You can also become involved as an MVP (My Verse Partner). Throughout the program, Crusaders will build their memorized material by learning and adding a verse or two each week until they are able to recite the full passage. As an MVP you will be partnered with a Crusader - and listen and guide your Crusader as he or she recites their verses every week. Verse material will be provided on September 17th. The program ends on November 19th. If you are interested in joining this program please contact the church office. 



Veterans’ Day Service

Everyone is invited to this annual service in November as we honor and recognize our veterans.


Mothers’ & Fathers’ Day Services

Services in May and June honor our parents as we celebrate the love and influences they’ve made in our lives.


Thanksgiving Service

This special service held on the Sunday before Thanksgiving is a time of giving thanks and praise to our God, our church and each other.


Christmas Eve Service

Join us as we celebrate the birth of Jesus and enjoy this evening of worship and music with friends and families. Candle-lit closing.


Good Friday & Easter Services

On Good Friday we commemorate the cruxification of Jesus Christ, his death at Calvary, and the sacrifice He made for all of us. This special message  prepares our hearts for the anticipation of Easter and the celebration of the resurrection. On Easter morning we offer a sunrise service at our Chapel, plus a 10 am morning worship service.